How to Earn Passive Income By Selling Digital Products Through a Sales Funnel

How to Earn Passive Income By Selling Digital Products Through a Sales Funnel

sales funnel sales page selling digital products Mar 08, 2022

Want to earn extra income on autopilot? Digital products are the answer. They can be sold and delivered online, with no need to ship or manufacture inventory. HOW you sell them is called a sales funnel.

In case you’re not familiar, the term “sales funnel” simply means the journey you take people through to discover and purchase your product.

Here’s how sales funnels work in a nutshell:

  1. The customer lands on a sales page that tells them how your product can solve their problem.
  2. That sales page connects to a checkout page, which handles the sales transaction online through a payment gateway like PayPal or credit cards.
  3. That checkout is then connected to another page, called a thank-you page, so that when people finish checking out they are automatically redirected to this next page. You use your thank-you page to confirm the purchase AND, if you want, to promote a second offer, called an upsell.
  4. And finally, all of this connects behind the scenes to an email sequence, using an email software platform, which is used to deliver a link to the actual product itself

Now—the big question everybody gets hung up on is, how do I BUILD a sales funnel? Well, with pixie dust, of course, right? No.

Sales funnels are built and automated using online software platforms. And there are a TON of these platforms out there. Click here for a list of my favorites.

To help you visualize how sales funnels work, download this free cheat sheet called our Anatomy of a Sales Funnel. 

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