How to Create and Sell Digital Products

Without feeling stupid, salesy, or sacrilegious

Presented by Becky Kopitzke from The Inspired Business

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By the end of this training, you'll be able to:
  • Kick your fear of selling to the CURB where it belongs. We'll explore the common hang-ups that prevent Christian writers and speakers from growing their ministries online through paid products and how commerce can be a healthy part of your mission.
  • Stop wasting time creating endless free blog posts and social grids. We'll learn how creating LESS content can actually generate MORE (and better!) results for your business.
  • Make technology work FOR you, not against you. We'll reveal the biggest mistake people make when choosing online sales platforms and how YOU can be smart enough to avoid it.

"Becky's know-how has positioned my digital products for a lucrative return on investment." 


Get ready for a full hour of wow ideas, ah-ha moments, and big time encouragement to boost your business! 

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Meet your presenter

Hi, I'm Becky Kopitzke, the founder of The Inspired Business, an online coaching hub dedicated to helping faith-filled writers, communicators and creatives monetize their work in order to keep it sustainable. My sweet spot is digital products and sales funnels. I looooove them. And I'll tell you why.

An author by trade (I've got three traditionally published books under my belt and counting), I discovered digital products out of desperation. I love blogging and writing books, but I also knew I needed to generate an income to support the cost of promoting those books (can you say email marketing, social media management, launch team coordinators, PR, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching). So I dove into this amazing world of creating and selling digital products, thinking I'd just supplement my income while serving my audience in new and interesting ways. Little did I know this digital products experiment would soon become my PRIMARY source of income, far surpassing anything I was earning through book contracts and speaking gigs.

Best part? I've learned how to set my sales process on autopilot, so I can earn money AND impact people with my products while I spend time on other things I'm passionate about... like writing the next book. Leading Bible studies at my church. And playing board games with my kids.

Does that sound like joy to you? Then let me help YOU experience the blessing of digital products, too.


P.S. Street cred (because you shouldn't listen to me if I'm not walking the talk)