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How to Create and Sell Digital Products Without Feeling Stupid, Salesy, or Sacrilegious


We know you have great ideas. 

We know you're tired of churning out more content day after day, working your sweet tushie off and seeing no return for all your effort. 

We know you don’t actually want to quit but if you don’t start earning some profit soon, you’re going to have to give up your dream.

And THAT is not okay.

You were called to create, to teach, to share a message, and the world needs your voice now more than ever. 

This is NOT the time to quit.

It's just time to get some help. From somebody who's been there and knows how to guide you across the scary bridge between where you are now and where you want to go. {Spoiler alert: It's not actually as scary as you think.}

That's where we come in.


The Inspired Business is here to ENCOURAGE and TEACH authors, speakers, coaches and creative entrepreneurs how to generate recurring income from digital products... so you can make a bigger difference in people’s lives.


The Funnel Club is our amazing group coaching community for Christian writers, speakers, podcasters, coaches, and other content creators where you'll learn step-by-step how to create a digital product—and then how to sell it through a simple process called a sales funnel. Why? So you can generate ongoing income that keeps your ministry AND your family bank account afloat... because the world needs your voice to thrive.


Inside the Funnel Club you'll find live calls and coaching workshops with our coaching team and guest experts in the Christian content industry who generously share their insight to help you grow. But it's not just about teaching. We also focus on encouragement for the doubts and obstacles that can trip you up. Because we know how it feels to embark on big goals: exciting, scary, and easy to put off. We won't let you get disheartened or lost.


Not interested in building your own digital product or sales funnel? No worries. Sometimes the best solution is to hire someone else to handle it for you. Our team of sales funnel experts is available to take on a limited number of custom build projects each month. We'll cover anything and everything from designing your product  to creating your sales page to hooking up your marketing automations and more. Learn more here.

The Funnel Club

Imagine could stop trading time for money and start making a full-time income from your passion work in part-time hours. So you could invest more precious time in your family, your friends, your community, your church.

If you're ready to make the leap from hobbyist to entrepreneur, but you need someone who's been there done that to guide the way...we created the Funnel Club just for you!


The encouragement and support of this group are unmatched for any type of business/coaching group I've been in, and I definitely did a good vetting before deciding on which group I'd land in for the long run. The transparency and wealth of knowledge shared with us are amazing. I've been in several groups that were more costly and lacked substantial information that would really change my business, which made me fearful of trying another, but I did it anyway! The trajectory of my ministry/business has shifted completely. The godly leadership by you is what steals my heart. I trust YOU and I trust the space you've created. I feel safe here. Safe to talk about what I want to do and to be given a better and more efficient way to do it.

– RAYNA BROWN, worship leader and Christian recording artist


"The individual feedback that we get from you within the Zoom calls and the member hub, and the video feedback you provide on our individual digital products that we are creating is so, so helpful. One of my very favorite things is your heart for helping us in this endeavor. You see us as people who are not just trying to hustle to make money, but as people who are trying to help our families financially, honor God with our gifts, and still be available for our families. I really appreciate your example and encouragement in balancing all of those things. I really don't think I would have the digital resources I've created if I was not a part of this group!

– RHONDALYN RICHARDSON, blogger and family resource creator



The Inspired Business Guides

What if you could get paid to do what you're passionate about? The Inspired Business Guides help faith-based creatives and communicators monetize their efforts in order to sustain their ministries AND bless their families with income. 

These six info-packed interactive e-booklets contain more than 20 proven strategies for transforming your passion work into a thriving business... so you can SERVE like a ministry and EARN like a boss!



Hi, I'm Becky Kopitzke.

And I'm the creator of The Inspired Business, an online coaching hub dedicated to helping faith-filled writers, communicators and creatives monetize their work in order to keep it sustainable. My sweet spot is digital products and sales funnels. I looooove them. And I'll tell you why.

As a traditionally published author (I've got three books on the shelves so far, with more in the works), I discovered digital products out of desperation. I love blogging and writing books, but I also knew I needed to generate an income to support the cost of promoting those books (can you say email marketing, social media management, launch team coordinators, PR, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching). So I dove into this amazing world of creating and selling digital products, thinking I'd just supplement my income while serving my audience in new and interesting ways. Little did I know this digital products experiment would soon become my PRIMARY source of income, far surpassing anything I was earning through book contracts and speaking gigs.

Best part? I've learned how to set my sales process on autopilot, so I can earn money AND impact people with my products while I spend time on other things I'm passionate about... like writing the next book. Coaching other writers and speakers. Leading Bible studies at my church. And playing board games with my kids.

Does that sound like joy to you? Then let me help YOU experience the blessing of building an INSPIRED BUSINESS, too.

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