How I Made Over $3,000 My First Month Selling Digital Products

How I Made Over $3,000 In One Month Selling Digital Products

convertkit digital products kajabi selling digital products Mar 07, 2022

One of my first digital products was a Bible study for parents and children, a PDF download. As an author in the Christian living genre, this type of digital product fit my audience perfectly. I was excited to share it with them.

So what did I do? What most content creators think of when they “market” their digital products. I casually added the product to my storefront in Wordpress, and I promoted it at speaking events. Eventually I added some more products to my store, but they sat quietly, too, because I didn’t know how to generate regular traffic to them.

Until I learned about sales funnels and built an automated sales machine around just two of my offers—the same automated funnel I’ve since used to generate more than $100,000 in sales from downloadable PDF products. In my case, I used Kajabi for my sales page and checkout, and ConvertKit for my email delivery. These tools work well for me. Yours might be different. (Check out our recommended tech tools here.) But that was only half the story. Now I had to drive traffic to my funnel.

So I developed and used what I now call the Profitable Digital Products Method to attract COLD buyers—people who didn’t even know me or hadn’t followed me before—and I did this through both organic (free!) and paid ad strategies. And can you guess what happened? My first month of driving traffic to my funnel, I made over $3,000 in PROFIT from my digital products. And these weren’t expensive products. They were priced between $19 and $59 dollars each.

So I went from products sitting on a shelf to $3,000 in profit from those very same products, in one month. And I’ve since used this method again and again to build sales funnels for clients and to create the Ministry to Business Guide, (now reformatted to The Inspired Business Guides) which was our first six-figure sales generator.

So what does that mean for you? I want you to know that you CAN create and sell digital products that generate ongoing income to fund your business and ministry goals, and you can do it without feeling dumb about the tech, icky about selling, or sacrilegious about engaging in the world of online commerce. Want to learn exactly how? Check out my free masterclass, How to Create and Sell Digital Products, HERE. I can’t wait to show you more! 


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