How to Stay Motivated to Make Progress in Your Online Business

How to Stay Motivated to Make Progress in Your Online Business

blogger burnout content creator online business podcaster Apr 04, 2023

When did you flip the switch from thinking of your creative work as a hobby, to treating it like a business? If you haven’t already done that, watch this video. It’s foundational to the future of your ministry.

But let’s assume for a moment that you do treat your content work as a business. You’re blogging, writing books, maybe podcasting or coaching clients, and {hopefully, if you’re smart} creating digital products for residual income. Well done, you.

And yet. Some days are HARD, am I right? Working for yourself has its freedoms, sure, but man, everything is up to you! You are the worker bee and the boss all rolled into one, and if you don’t do all the things, then none of the things will get done.

And your business won’t make any progress.

So what if you just don’t feel like doing it anymore?

It’s normal to feel disenchanted with growing a business sometimes. It’s even normal to feel resentful of this beast you’ve built, as if it has taken over your life with its constant demands day after day. 

You brought this thing to life. Now you’ve gotta feed it… again??




In today’s episode of The Inspired Business Podcast, I’m sharing seven tips I follow to help keep my energy up and enjoy the work I was created to do. These same seven strategies can help you avoid burnout, get more done in less time, and reach the potential God placed in you when He called you to online business.

It’s all about staying motivated to do the work… so our work can motivate others. That’s how we change the world with our content.

Tune in to all the details HERE.  



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