10 Ideas for Digital Products That Can Help Your Business Grow

10 Ideas for Digital Products That Can Help Your Business Grow

Mar 07, 2022

For Christian Bloggers, Speakers, Coaches and Content Creators

Let’s talk about digital products. Heard of ‘em?

A digital product is basically an item you sell and deliver online, with no printing or shipping or manufacturing involved. They’re things like e-books, online courses, printables, templates, and lots more. 

The beauty of digital products is they’re not complicated to create, and you can sell them on autopilot without being stuck to your computer. Plus they’re an excellent way to serve MORE people in MORE places. And that makes our ministry hearts happy, amen?

Not sure what product is right for your business? Here are 10 ideas for digital products YOU can create (yes, you can do this!), especially suited to faith-based audiences, which can boost your ministry AND your bottom line. {Because we’re all about helping you keep your creative work sustainable!}

  1. Bible study—either a printable PDF or online course with video lessons  
  2. E-course or How-to Guide—based on whatever topic(s) you LOVE to share  
  3. Study guide for your book (if you’ve published one already)—PDF download with questions for small group discussion or personal reflection  
  4. Devotional—30-day or 100-day devotional on a theme of your choice  
  5. Kids’ Activity Booklet—with Bible trivia, games, or Sunday school lesson ideas and worksheets (the possibilities are endless)  
  6. Scripture Cards—lovely printable cards, each displaying a Bible verse to memorize  
  7. Youth Group Games Guide—because everybody needs more ideas for what to do with teenagers  
  8. Encouragement Cards—uplifting quotes or messages to hand out to friends or strangers  
  9. Prayer Journal—printable sheets with prayer prompts for journaling  
  10. Family Advent (or Lent) Guide—provide devotions and activities designed to help families be intentional about observing special occasions

These ten ideas are just a start! The possibilities for YOUR digital product are as wide open as your imagination.

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