You Are the Boss of Your Email List

You Are the Boss of Your Email List

email list email marketing marketing online business small business subscribers target market May 20, 2023

Last week somebody emailed me, asking if I could send her fewer emails. How do you think I responded?

Well, kindly, of course. Her message didn’t hurt my feelings. I didn’t let it bug me or cause me to question my strategy. 

Instead, I logged into ConvertKit, found the subscriber’s account, and hit “delete.” 

Because I ain’t got time for that.

And neither do you.



Are you trying desperately to grow your email list and gain more subscribers? Do you fret over every single unsubscriber and nasty reply? Do you worry about how much you should or shouldn’t email your list? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to make your subscribers happy?

If these questions take up any tiny bit of space in your head, it’s time to flip the script on your attitude toward email marketing. Your subscribers don’t own you, they shouldn’t dictate your business decisions, and not everybody deserves a spot on your email list. It’s better to have a small list of strong leads and supporters than a large list tainted with trolls.

In this episode of The Inspired Business Podcast, we’re getting real about how you ought to view your subscriber list. You are the boss, not the employee. So here’s permission to start acting like it.

Tune in here.


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