Why Freebies Are Hurting Your Email List, and How to Attract Subscribers Who Will Actually Buy from You

freebie lead magnet podcast Oct 17, 2022

What’s one piece of advice nearly ALL digital marketers share… but in my opinion is totally bunk?


Give stuff away for free, they say.

It’ll build know-like-trust, they say.

People need to sample your product before they’ll buy your product, blah blah blah.

Oh really?

Tell that to the six figures of cash we generated from a direct-to-sale funnel. 

Freebies are not necessary.

In fact, they can totally inflate your email list with people who will NEVER buy from you. I call them freebie seekers.

And while these folks may benefit tremendously from your free stuff (and it’s always an honor to serve), the hard truth is that freebie seekers are not going to help sustain your business with dolla dolla bills.

So if you’re in this to steward a healthy biz rather than an expensive hobby, you’ve got to stack your list with people who value your content enough to pay for it.

Can you still do that through freebies? Yes. Although it’s not my favorite strategy, it is still possible to attract buyers through free lead magnets under the right circumstances. So if freebies are part of your DNA and you insist on starting with a lead magnet, I won’t deny they can be an effective strategy for some people when done WELL. 

But how?

In today’s podcast episode, we’re exploring the five assets every effective freebie needs (em-PHA-sis on the word “effective”). Do not—I repeat—do NOT attempt a freebie funnel without these five tactics.


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