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Why and How You Should Pray for Your Business

christian author christian business faith based faith-based business online business Nov 21, 2023

As content creators, coaches and communicators, we live in the world of commerce and digital marketing. We focus a lot on buying and selling. Business hinges on profit and expenses.

But as Christians we also know everything we do is about Jesus, including business.

Can I be a little crazy and suggest that those two things do NOT need to be at odds?

Business and faith.

Earning money and praising God.

In fact, they should be tightly LINKED in our hearts and minds and calendars.

At The Inspired Business I’ve always strived to encourage us all to run our online businesses with godly integrity, based on solid biblical values and compassion for the people God calls us to serve.

My coaching leans heavily on the “how to do business” part.

But what about the “how to invite God into the business” part?

What steps should we take to build businesses with integrity, based on Christian principles? How do we make decisions according to His plans for us? What separates our strategies and tactics from all the other online businesses out there?

This week on the podcast, I’m chatting with my friend and colleague Alana Terry to discuss the importance of praying for your business. We talk about everything from money to software to dreaming up new goals, all within the context of our faith in Jesus.

I know this topic is going to bless you. Click HERE to tune in.

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