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What Is Partner Marketing and How Does It Work?

audience business growth online product partner marketing product launch Feb 07, 2024

How many different marketing strategies have you tried in the last year?

How many have you tried since you started writing, speaking, coaching, selling?

A bazillion?

Yup, me too.

Social media, Meta ads, SEO, YouTube ads, Pinterest groups, sponsorships, radio shows, blog link-ups! Remember blog link-ups??

But my business did not take off like a jet plane until I got the hang of one particular strategy.

Partner marketing.

Partner marketing is one of my favorite methods for generating leads to my online business and growing my email list, which in turn grows my sales. 

It checks all the boxes of a great marketing strategy:

✔ low-cost (and in many cases, totally free)

✔ effective at bringing in boatloads of leads at one time

✔ easy to execute

✔ and centered on building real relationships (not algorithms).

Sign me up, amen?

But how does partner marketing work, exactly? What will it look like inside your own business?

And why in the world would anybody want to partner with you in the first place?

All these questions and more are waiting to be answered inside today’s episode of The Inspired Business Podcast. It's the first in a three-part series alllll about partner marketing and how to leverage it in your own sweet biz.

 Click HERE to tune in to today's episode!

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