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What Does It Mean to Persevere in Online Business?

business growth make money online business perseverance small business Dec 05, 2023

Have you ever thought about quitting your business? 

When it gets to be too much work, too much stress, and too many dollars are flying out the window....

Do you ever just want to jump ship?

There’s a point in every online business where you can choose to persevere or quit. But what does it really mean to persevere? 

Perseverance in business does NOT necessarily mean doubling down, putting in more hours, moving full speed ahead, ride or die. 

Sometimes perseverance looks like taking a break. 

And in ​this episode of The Inspired Business podcast, we’ll tell you why.

My dear friend and biz bestie Heidi Maranell is joining me to talk about why the only difference between success and failure is the decision to keep going. 

If you’re in a stage of business growth where you’re feeling burnt out, or burdened by the costs of sustaining your passion work, then ​tune in to today’s episode​ to discover how staying in business means staying the course, even when the course involves winding roads and detours.

Check it out ​here​!

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