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Top 3 Recommended Digital Marketing Strategies for 2024

entrepreneur faith-based business goals marketing passive income recurring revenue residual income Feb 05, 2024

Is this the year you're finally going to crush your online business goals?

It can be. If you know how.

You're a content creator, right? You create stuff. That's what you do.

You write, speak, design, teach. And you're good at it.

But you also know nobody's going to receive the stuff you write, speak, design, teach unless they hear about its existence in the first place. 

And how do they hear about it?


It's really not such a scary concept, marketing. I know it sounds kind of icky and conjures up images of car salesmen with slick hair.

{My dad was a car salesman, folks. An honest one. Sometimes we need to rewrite the stories we play in our heads in order to understand the truth of a thing.}

Marketing is really just a word for telling people about something that can bless them. And they get to choose to take it or leave it.

The takers? Those are the people you work for. Because they're the people God lined up to receive your content and be transformed by it.

In order to get the takers, you've got to be a teller.

And I love to show people HOW to be a teller... with honesty, integrity, encouragement, and joy.

Let me just say, I'm a digital marketing coach NOW, but I wasn't always. I used to be the person thinking marketing was icky and slimy and scary.

Until I created something I believed in so strongly... which I knew without a doubt God called me to create... that I had no choice but to learn how to tell people about it. 

Because if I didn't? My calling would not come to full fruition.

So...what is your calling?

What has God asked you to create and share with others?

What's holding you back from telling them about it?

Repeat after me: Sellers are tellers.

In this week's episode of The Inspired Business Podcast, I'm sharing my top three favorite strategies for TELLING people about my products and services. And I encourage you to use these three strategies, too.

Good news, they don't require jumping on the social media hamster wheel, and they don't require paying out of pocket for ads.

We're exploring three organic and highly effective methods of telling people about your offer... so they have the BLESSING of choosing to buy.

These methods will help you reach the right customers, grow your email list, and finally break through your biggest goals toward recurring revenue.

And... they're fun. :) Because they involve creating meaningful content and relationships, both of which you were designed to do in the first place. 

What a fantastic fit.

So tune in HERE for today's episode: My Top 3 Recommended Digital Marketing Strategies for 2024. I hope it sparks ideas and excitement that lead to big success this year and beyond.

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