How to Slow Down for the Summer Without Breaking Your Business

How to Slow Down for the Summer Without Breaking Your Business

entrepreneur mompreneur online business priorities summer work from home Jun 08, 2023

Ahhh, summer. Time for lounging by the pool one minute, then carpooling kids across the universe the next. Nothing brings an odd mix of rest and running quite like summer.

So what’s a mompreneur to do?

If you’ve got kids at home, your whole landscape changes during the summer months. Finding time to focus on your business can be especially challenging.

And even if you’re not raising kids, summer is an opportunity to enjoy sunshine and restoration in ways we don’t tend to do during the fall and winter seasons. Here in Wisconsin, nobody wants to be chained to a desk during snow-free weather. Summer means freedom! And we’ve got to grab it while we can.

Is it possible to invest in your business even as you take some time off from the rat race?

Yes. And in today’s episode of The Inspired Business Podcast, I’m going to show you how. 

With five recommendations I personally apply to my own business, you can slow down for the summer to focus on your family priorities AND make progress in your creative calling, too. Tune in HERE for all the details.


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