How to Price Your Digital Product or Online Course

How to Price Your Digital Product or Online Course

digital products online course pricing selling digital products Nov 14, 2022

Have you ever hosted a rummage sale? When my kids were small, my husband and I gathered all their outgrown baby clothes and nursery gear and stuck little round stickers to each item. Most of them said $1.

I wanted the stuff to sell, right?

But then a woman strolled up to our folding table stacked with Carter’s fleece sleepers and said, “These are only a dollar? Are you serious? Other rummage sales sell them for $5.”


How was I supposed to know that? After this lady jackpot winner scooped up two bags full of my daughters’ memories (for only $15 total, wow!), I kicked myself for charging too little. 

But then our Fisher Price jumperoo—which was still in excellent condition, I must say, a most beloved toy—sat untouched for two days. Apparently not worth the $20 we were asking.

What is the trick to pricing our goods and services? This is a big question that comes up in my coaching calls often, particularly as it relates to digital products. 



When we’re selling something people can’t touch or smell or swallow—digital downloads, online courses, coaching packages via Zoom calls—how in the world do we equate our product’s value to a dollar amount that makes sense to the customer and motivates them to buy?

That is the very important topic I’m explaining for you step-by-step in today’s episode of The Inspired Business Podcast. Don’t miss this one! It just might make the difference between selling like hotcakes… and selling like flop cakes.

Click HERE to listen. “See” you there!



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