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How to Find Great Marketing Partners

email list email marketing partner marketing sales funnel sales page Feb 12, 2024

My younger daughter is not a people person.

She has her core group of friends, and she loves to spend time with the people she loves best. But stick her in front of a stranger and expect her to engage in a meaningful conversation?

No thank you.

She'd rather talk to her pet lizard.

Do you ever feel like that?

All month on The Inspired Business podcast I've been talking about partner marketing—why it's such an effective strategy for growing your email list and your sales, and how to link arms with other creators and influencers to bless their audience and yours.

But one question remains to explore.

How do we find partners in the first place?

And what if you're an introvert, like my sweet girl? Can you still succeed in partner marketing?

Yes. I know this firsthand.

I'm an introvert myself.

You might not know that's part of my personality, if you were to talk to me on a Zoom call or at a conference. I've learned over the years how to engage without fear in a crowd.

But that doesn't mean it comes as naturally to me as it does to people who thrive on interpersonal connection and fast-paced conversation and shoe shopping with their BFF.

Sit me in a corner and give me a book to read. That's my natural habitat.

Yet if I can learn to succeed in partner marketing, so can you. It just takes a little practice.

In today's episode of The Inspired Business Podcast, we're wrapping up our three-part series by talking about the interpersonal aspects of partner marketing.

How should you go about connecting with partners? How can you find them in the first place? And what makes a really great partner (as opposed to someone who might be a fabulous person but the wrong fit for your business)?

Let’s answer all those questions and more in today’s episode. I'll race you there!

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