How to Create a Webinar That Actually Converts

christian business online course online product sales funnel webinar Mar 10, 2023

Have you thought about creating a webinar to help sell your course or digital product? It’s true that a well-constructed webinar, positioned correctly within your sales funnel, can help sell your course on autopilot—so you can watch a string of steady sales notifications buzz through your phone while you plop in a comfy chair reading the latest JoJo Moyes novel.

But a junky webinar? That’s never gonna sell anything.

Which one do you want to build?

Maybe we should start with a different question.

Do you even know the difference?

What makes a webinar great? What info should you include in your webinar in order to bless your audience and draw them authentically to your offer?

And on the flip side… what makes a webinar miserable? Well, that one is easy. We’ve all seen those smarmy webinars where the guy shows you pics of his yacht and says, "If you follow my system, you too can live this kind of lifestyle!" Please. Don’t do that.

Yet along the spectrum between miserable and great, lots of nuances and opportunities exist to help you convey the kind of message that builds your business up, rather than skating along at an unprofitable “meh.”

Here are my top five tips for creating a profitable webinar.

(1) Don’t start by talking about yourself. Talk about your customer instead. Show that you know what they struggle with, where they get tripped up, and where they want to be. By establishing a rapport from the onset that’s focused on the customer first, you’ll show them you’re in business to serve others, not just yourself.

(2) Provide valuable teaching or inspiration that’s not tied to an upsell. Yes, you will share an offer during your webinar, but first DO provide some nuggets of information that your webinar viewers can actually use—without having to buy something. Nothing kills audience trust faster than a bunch of useless talk that doesn’t teach, but only sells.

(3) Don’t bait and switch. And by that I mean, don’t act like you’re not there to sell. You are. You don’t need to hide it. This might seem to contradict tip #2, but it doesn’t. You are a person of integrity. Simply tell your audience up front that you will share an offer at the end of the webinar for anyone who’s interested, but first you’re going to share a bunch of helpful tips that have nothing to do with buying anything. That way they won’t be surprised or disappointed at the end when you tell them about your offer.

(4) Describe your offer in detail. Don’t just skim past it, as if you’re embarrassed to be selling, or worse, pretending you’re not actually asking them to buy. You know your offer can help people, so present it with confidence. At the end of your webinar, explain to your viewers that if your teaching has blessed or intrigued them, you have a program/product that can help solve their problem even further. Then walk them through the structure of your program so they’ll know exactly what they’ll get when they sign up.

(5) Provide an incentive for purchasing right away. I call this a fast-action bonus. People who make the decision to enroll in my program during the webinar will get a valuable bonus product for free. This is meant to motivate indecisive buyers to take action while the “iron is hot,” so to speak. They’re fired up about your topic, and now is the time to commit… before their lives get bogged down with other distractions that will prevent them from moving ahead with the help your product or program provides.

Of course some people will prefer to pray about it, or talk to a spouse before purchasing, and that is okay. Secular coaches will tell you these responses are just excuses and that you need to close the sale NOW. But as Christian business owners, we honor a person’s wisdom when they turn to God, waiting on His timing before they make a commitment. I’d rather have a potential customer say “no” to my offer in obedience than “yes” under the wrong circumstances. God is faithful. Do your part, and He will bring you the right customers at the right time.

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