How to Communicate With Your Email Subscribers

How to Communicate With Your Email Subscribers (Email Marketing Series Part 2)

email list email marketing Jan 02, 2023


Have you ever met somebody you really wanted to get to know better? So you invite them to a party and your house, and they actually show up.

But then you stand across the snack table, staring at your new friend, and your tongue dries up. Suddenly you can’t think of a single smart-sounding thing to say.

Email marketing can be kind of like that.

We want, and want, and want SO BADLY to add people to our subscriber list… We draw them in with brilliant lead magnets and splendidly crafted sales copy…

But then when they land in our list we suddenly become awkward middle school girls at the Friday night dance, standing against the wall and staring at our feet.

How in the world should we TALK to our subscribers once we get them?



How often should we email them?

What should we email them ABOUT?

And how can we make sure they actually OPEN our triangle-folded paper notes emails when they land in their inbox?

I’m spilling all the tea on this topic and more inside today’s episode of The Inspired Business Podcast. It’s episode two of our three-part series on email marketing, and we are demystifying the question: How do I communicate with my subscribers?

Join me for today’s episode HERE.



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