How to Be Professional and Authentic at the Same Time as a Work-from-Home Entrepreneur

How to Be Professional and Authentic at the Same Time as a Work-from-Home Entrepreneur

christian business entrepreneur mom work from home Nov 07, 2022

I’m warning you right now. If you join my coaching group, I will deliver the best possible teaching and encouragement, I will listen to you intently and suggest tailored solutions to your challenges, and I will go above and beyond to provide helpful feedback and insight that moves your creative business forward and achieves your goals.

But—my dog will bark in the background. Almost every time.

I’m sorry, okay? I really, really am. Either I’m a terrible dog trainer or my pups are just that stubborn (or naughty… they’re really naughty) but no matter what tools or tricks we’ve tried, my hubby and I cannot get a handle on the barking. 

We’re working on it. We might always be working on it. Thank you, really, but you don’t need to tell me about your bark collar or your training program or your Barx Buddy (got one, been there, tried them all)... I appreciate your empathy and advice {even when it borders on judgment… I see you, cat people} but seriously, we Kopitzkes might be a lost cause in this area. Thank you for your grace.

My point is this: I work from home, on purpose, and this is where my real life happens.

Including my very loud and naughty dogs.



So what does it mean to run a professional business from a “non-professional” environment? Does working from a home office make us inherently less professional? Less qualified?

Can we be our real selves—in our most comfortable setting—and still deliver top quality content and services to the people we serve? 

Will they think we’re amateurs if the kids run through the room while we’re on a Zoom call???

Spoiler alert: No. We are not less professional. We can deliver top quality. We are NOT amateurs. {Well, not for that reason, anyway.}

Working from home is an increasingly acceptable practice not just for online entrepreneurs but for everyone in America, since the quarantine. 

And that means it’s time to change the rules.

I’m a lot more concerned about our authenticity in business than I am about the fact that your cat is snoring underneath your desk. 

In fact, maybe it’s that snoring cat that MAKES you more authentic, more accessible, more likely to be the kind of person I want to learn from or hang out with.

In today’s podcast episode we’re exploring what it really means to be professional and authentic in our business lives… which {spoiler alert} for the Christian cannot truly be separated from our personal lives.

Click HERE to listen. I can’t wait to meet you there!




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