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How to Avoid "Scripture Twisting" for Christian Writers, Speakers, Podcasters and Teachers

christian author scripture writer Nov 28, 2022

Sometimes I think we should all go back to Sunday school. Seriously.

At my family’s home church, my 15-year-old daughter is taking an intensive Bible course called Spiritual Boot Camp, with one of my favorite Bible teachers, Dr. Mark Harris.

This course is for high school students only, and they rotate topics every semester so that after four years, grade 9 through 12, these teens will be “thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:17) before they enter the world of college or career. Pastor Harris has told the kids that after four years in Boot Camp, they will know more about the Bible than 95 percent of the adult congregation.

This program is no joke. 

And my daughter loves it.

One of her favorite aspects of the program so far is a class called Scripture Twisting. Pastor Harris has offered this course before, to adults as well as students, and it has earned something of a legendary status among congregants because it’s THAT good.

And I’m sharing a bit of it with you today on the podcast.



What is Scripture Twisting? It’s a series of principles that all Bible believers should follow to ensure we’re interpreting Scripture accurately. And that is especially important for those of us whose jobs involve sharing God’s Word with other people.

Our role as Christian content creators carries a huge opportunity AND responsibility to represent God and His Word correctly. And Pastor Harris is going to give us some very insightful tips to make sure we’re doing this well.

This conversation is an encore message from our Inspire Summit, which you can still access through a paid pass HERE. But Pastor Mark’s session is a free gift from me to you today… on this special episode of The Inspired Business Podcast. Click HERE to tune in. 



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