Why It's Important to Know Your Audience If You Hope to Serve Them Well and Earn Money

audience entrepreneur entrepreneurship Oct 24, 2022

Question for you.

What’s the best way to sell a fishing rod?

Answer: Sell it to a fisherman.

Umm… duh, right? Well, not really. The basic business principle of selling the right product to the right audience (i.e., somebody who wants and needs what you're selling) is sometimes the most confusing part of online marketing.

Because it requires knowing who your audience is in the first place. 

What do they struggle with? How can you help them? How do they describe their challenges and desires, and why should you care?

The biggest mistake you can make is selling your audience the WRONG THING.

I was reminded of this recently at this movie theater. And the results were nightmarish. Literally.

Tune into today’s episode of the Inspired Business Podcast, where we’re talking all about how to speak your customer’s language if you hope to earn more sales and make a bigger difference in people’s lives. (Plus a cautionary tale about what happens when you don’t get this right.)

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