How to Choose Which Digital Product to Sell Online (for Content Creators Who Have Lots of Ideas and Don't Know Where to Focus)

digital products product ideas selling digital products Oct 31, 2022

Got a lot of ideas running through your head? That’s the gift of creativity. You’re never short on possibilities for projects to pursue. 


But the same beautiful brain that makes it easy to formulate ideas is also the curse that makes it near impossible for you to choose just ONE of those ideas to pursue… and finish.


If that’s you, don’t worry. You’re definitely in good company. 



Tons of content creators struggle to decide which product or service to focus on in their online business because there’s so much they could do and want to do. 


This leads to either paralysis (doing nothing) or dabbling (doing too many things, and none of them completely). 


Neither of those scenarios leads to customers’ lives being transformed, nor money in your pocket.


So what should a content creator do? 


In today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing the step-by-step process I use for narrowing down exactly the right product to create and sell. I don’t just teach this process to my clients; I follow it myself. 


And for you, it can make the difference between staying stagnant—or growing a successful online business.


Check out my new episode here!




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