Why Thankfulness and Generosity are Crucial to Christian Business

Why Thankfulness and Generosity are Crucial to Christian Business || Three Ways to Infuse Gratitude into Your Creative Work

christian business generosity online business thankful Nov 21, 2022

Here’s an annoying challenge. Try counting the number of times a day you say “thank you.”

When somebody holds the door open for you at the coffee shop.

When the grocery store clerk hands you a receipt.

When your children wash and dry the dishes and put them away.

(Do you actually say thank you?? Do the kids actually do the dishes??? Not the point of this blog post. Let’s move on.)

If you’re so full of “thank you’s” in a day that you lose count, great.

If you get to bedtime without checking off a full hand of fingers, there’s a goal for tomorrow.

But let me ask you this. 

How many of those “thanks” happened in the context of your business?



In today’s special Thanksgiving episode of The Inspired Business podcast, we’re talking all about gratitude, and why it’s actually a critical component in a faith-based business. 

What does gratitude look like? What are some practical ways you can incorporate gratitude into your daily work? What impact does it make outside of your little home office territory?

I hope you’ll take some time to listen and be encouraged. And… THANK YOU in advance for tuning in. 

The new episode is waiting for you HERE!



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