How to Use AI In Digital Product Marketing

ai artificial intelligence digital products email marketing selling digital products Apr 02, 2023

Remember when artificial intelligence was just a plot for sci-fi movies? Not anymore. AI has infiltrated nearly every industry, including blogging, podcasting, and coaching. As content creators, we ought to be paying attention to the impact AI or GPT technology will make on our businesses, like it or not.

As Christian content creators… doubly so.

Because words matter to us at a deeper level. They’re not just a bunch of text that any old computer can spit out in seconds. Words are the medium God chose to breathe the world into existence. Jesus is called the Word; since the beginning of time, the Word was with God and He was [and still is] God (John 1:1). Words have power, and when we’re called to share them with the world, through messages inspired by the Holy Spirit, we’re given a job that no Chat-GPT can fill.

And yet. We shouldn’t fear AI, as if it’s the devil’s work. I’m seeing a lot of Christian content creators condemn the idea of AI-generated text like it’s the first sign of the end of the world. 

Newsflash: The end of the world is coming anyway. And that’s a good thing, remember? Jesus is coming back.

So meanwhile, let’s figure out how to make peace with AI, and even use it to our advantage.



While I believe human minds, created and inspired by God, can never be replaced, some AI text tools can be helpful. Think of it this way: mathematicians could work out every problem by hand, or they could employ the aid of a calculator. Which method will help them reach their genius conclusions faster?

It’s the same for us and writing. Or, certain tasks involving writing. I’m not recommending writing your next book using AI exclusively. Then it’s not really your book, or your voice, no matter what Chat-GPT promises.

But when it comes to marketing copy, specifically keyword-heavy content, AI can actually be pretty useful. In fact, there are lots of ways AI can help break us writers out of a rut and spur new ideas, directions, or phrases that we might not come up with on our own.

In today’s episode of The Inspired Business podcast, I’m sharing my thoughts on how we can use AI to help (and not harm) our digital content businesses. I’ll explain what AI technology does, what tools are available for using it, and the targeted ways I’m choosing to employ AI in my own business. Check out today’s episode HERE.


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