You are a content creator.

Whether author, speaker, blogger, podcaster, vlogger, designer, teacher, marketer, coach... chances are if you do one of these things, you do several all at once. Because that’s who you are—a contentpreneur.

Your work is both a ministry and a career, a vocational calling from God to weave words and pictures and websites and conversations that bring hope to a hurting world. Your work makes a difference.

But wow, it’s hard some days, right? 

I mean, all-the-things. Social media, podcast networks, Amazon rankings, subscriber lists… so much to learn and do and grow. In a sea of online voices, how will yours stand out? 

How will you find time, energy, and wisdom to get better at your craft and crack the e-commerce code so you can reach big goals, touch more lives, make more sales, cover increasing costs, and bless your family with a return from this work you’re so passionate about?

It’s simple, really.

We learn from the people who are a step ahead of us. 

The folks who’ve been there, done that, worked inside the Christian content industry for years, weathered the changes and are now forecasting the trends. These are the people who know what it takes to be successful. 

So... how do you access them?

Well, here are your options:

Attend a fancy conference far from home where a handful of experts show up to teach and rub shoulders. Worth it? Totally. Expensive and inconvenient? For sure. You’ll have to miss your daughter’s volleyball game and fork over some serious cash for a hotel room plus flight... and parking... and snacks.... 

Enroll in an online course or mastermind with a big-name influencer who knows her stuff. This, too, is totally worth it… if you pick the right program. How do you know who’s the right coach for you and your goals? Will he or she speak your Jesus language? When it comes to growing your reach and income, you’d better make sure you’re discerning the wisdom from the worldly. (Uh, there’s a LOT of worldly out there.)

Or… you can pop in your earbuds and tune in to some of the best teaching, encouragement, and insight from a hand-picked collection of top experts in the Christian content industry—all while you’re folding laundry or driving to pick up the kids from school. No need to travel or invest hundreds of dollars. Heck, you can even listen in for FREE!

The Inspire Summit is a unique opportunity to hear trusted best practices and advice, straight from the hearts and minds of today’s foremost Christian content insiders. And it’s all available on YOUR time schedule, via your favorite computer or mobile device… audio only! So you don’t even have to make time to sit and watch a video. Just live your life and listen in at your convenience. How easy is that??


We're excited to introduce your fabulous lineup of Christian content insiders. These veteran creators and coaches will teach you how to:

Grow Your Audience (and Your Income)

Becky Kopitzke

Founder, The Inspired Business

How digital products can transform your business with recurring income

Jennifer Allwood

Christian Business Coach

Grow your business and your influence through social media

Brett Harris

Founder, The Young Writers Workshop

It's time to raise your prices, if you value your life.

Beth Anne Schwamberger

Founder, Brilliant Business Moms

Why Facebook ads are still a game-changer for content creators... yes, even now!

Kent Sanders

Host, The Daily Writer Podcast

Transitioning from ministry to business: why the worker is worthy of his wages

Tara Lee Felix

Founder & Strategist, Created Social

The four buckets of a successful marketing strategy

Misty Phillip

Founder, Spark Media

The power of a podcast to serve and grow your audience

Thomas Umstattd, Jr.

Founder, Author Media

Book marketing strategies that work (and one in particular to avoid)

John Stange

Founder, Platform Launchers

How (and why) to build an audience in a God-honoring way

Carrie Vajko

Podcast Marketing Strategist

How to promote your podcast

Jared Messer

Founder, Worship Music Academy and Jared Messer Marketing

How to skyrocket your sales through YouTube ads

Jeane Burgess

Founder and PR Coach, Tall Oak Media

How to run your own PR campaign

Hone Your God-Given Talents

Blythe Daniel

Literary Agent and Publicist, The Blythe Daniel Agency

What makes an author attractive to publishers

Tracie Miles

Bestselling Author, Author Writing Coach at Tracie Miles Author Coaching, Director of COMPEL Writers Training at Proverbs 31 Ministries

How to write a book proposal that stands out

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Speaker, Author, Coach

How to become an authentic, sought-after speaker

Lisa-Jo Baker

Acquisitions Editor, W Publishing

What acquisitions editors are looking for, and how to get your book to the top of the pile

Alana Terry

Award-Winning Novelist and Book Marketing Coach

Creating fictional characters your readers will love

Dr. Mark Harris

Executive Pastor of Church Ministries, Alliance Church

Scripture twisting: How to avoid misrepresenting God's Word

Katie Reid

Author and Inspiration Doula

How disappointment can lead to your greatest success

Ann Kroeker

Writing Coach

What a writing coach does, and how authors benefit from working with one

Kate Motaung

Community Manager, Five Minute Friday

No inspiration necessary! Favorite strategies for making writing/creating a habit and a craft

Melinda Martin

Owner/Designer, Martin Publishing Services

The biggest mistakes self-published authors make and how to avoid them

Steve Laube

Literary Agent and President of The Christian Writers Institute

Where creators can get paid to get their content published

Tamara Harris

Owner, Design Your Way Home

How to design a professional and inviting video background

Integrate Your Work and Life Priorities

Heidi Lewerenz

Female Entrepreneur Coach

What work/life rhythm really looks like: The microseason approach

Tiffany Jo Baker

Speaker, Business Coach, Life Coach

Mompreneurs: Pursuing big dreams and parenting at the same time

Kim Avery

Business and Leadership Coach

The real secret to success: Powering your business with prayer

Karen Ehman

Proverbs 31 Ministries, Bestselling Author and Speaker

To-do list overload: How NOT to do all the things (and why we shouldn't try)

Katie Denure

Founder, One Music School

Battling FOMO as an online influencer

Jennifer Ford Berry

Professional Organizer

How to declutter your workspace and boost productivity

Amy Debrucque

Author and Confidence Coach

Confidence in work and life: Why you need it, how to get it, and the benefits it brings

Become a Wiz at Managing Your Biz

Mindy Kiker & Jenny Kochert 

Co-Founders, Flourish Writers

How to run a dynamic business partnership

Paulina Beck

Owner, Beckenson Financial

Sales tax talk: What's the deal with digital product taxes, nexus, and EU VAT?

Lindsey Hartz

Founder, Ignite Faith Media

Reinventing your business model: How to recognize when God is calling you to shift gears

Jonathan Purifoy

Owner, Black Barn Solutions

How to simplify your business bookkeeping

>>> Starting the morning of Monday, October 3, a series of sessions will go live each day for four days (Monday through Thursday). You'll have access to 8 or 9 new sessions daily. These will remain posted for your listening enjoyment through Sunday, October 9. 

>>> When you register, you'll get a login to the summit, which will be hosted via our website, You can access the sessions from your computer or through the Kajabi mobile app. (Kajabi is the platform we use for all our web pages and programs.) The app is available for free through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

>>> When the summit goes live on October 3, we'll send you a daily email with details on the sessions being posted that day. This will also serve as a helpful reminder to tune in before the content expires!

>>> Get ready for some amazing free goodies! In addition to sage advice and solid teaching, each of our experts will share generous free resources to help you grow in your professional and personal pursuits. We encourage you to visit each expert's summit page to discover how they can help guide and support you with their gifts (literal and spiritual). All of these resources are included in the Free Ticket!

Speaking of tickets...

There are two options for registration: Free Ticket or Premium Pass. Yes, you can attend this summit totally for FREE! However, we encourage you to take advantage of our Premium Pass, which includes everything the free ticket has to offer PLUS these super-value-added benefits:

Bonus 1: One Full Year of Access

Hey, life is busy. You might not be able to catch all the sessions you want to hear during summit week. If you'd rather take your time tuning in and even revisit you favorite sessions later down the road, then by all means, grab our Premium Pass because it will grant you access to all the summit recordings and resources for a FULL YEAR. No need to rush. This stuff is just too good.

Bonus 2: Sales Funnel Bootcamp

The newest mini-course from The Inspired Business! Discover the secret to creating a product your audience WILL buy (and even beg for!) and how to build an automated marketing journey that makes sales while you take the dog for a walk. (No joke, this happens to me.) Sales Funnel Bootcamp retails for $97 but you can get it FREE as part of your Premium Pass. Access to the Bootcamp begins Oct. 3.

Bonus 3: Coupon Code to Our Guide Bundle

The Inspired Business Guide Bundle is one of our most popular digital products (a 6-figure sales generator and counting) and we're tossing in a rare coupon code for 50% off the already-discounted bundle price. Altogether this bundle is valued at $102 but you can get it for only $23!

And... surprise! EVERYBODY gets this special bonus!

Whether you choose the Free Ticket or Premium Pass, everyone who registers for the Inspire Summit will get a frame-worthy collection of printable quote cards containing over 50 of our favorite awe-inspiring quotes and memorable words of wisdom from the summit interviews. Register today and you'll get access to this download when the Inspire Summit kicks off on Oct. 3.

Register for the Summit

Grab the Premium Pass early bird special ($10 off!) now before the Inspire Summit begins Oct. 3. If you enroll with the Free Ticket today, you can upgrade to the Premium Pass later. But it'll cost $47 instead of $37 once the summit is underway. After the summit, the Premium Pass goes up to $57.

>>> 30+ expert training sessions

>>> Unlimited access for one week

>>> Free resources from our experts

>>> Inspirational quote cards

>>> Convenience, countless "Ah-Ha!" moments, and a big boost for your biz



No cost to register; you can still upgrade later.

>>> Everything included in the Free Ticket


>>> Extended access for a full year

>>> Sales Funnel Bootcamp ($97 value)

>>> Coupon code for The Inspired Business Guide Bundle ($79 discount)



Access is valid through until October 2023


Hi there, I'm Becky.

And I'm the creator of The Inspired Business, an online coaching hub dedicated to helping faith-filled writers, communicators and creatives monetize their work in order to keep it sustainable. My sweet spot is digital products and sales funnels. I looove to help contentpreneurs find freedom and serve more people through recurring income strategies.
I'll be your host throughout the Inspire Summit, and I cannot wait to bless you with teaching and wisdom from our excellent faculty lineup. We're cheering for you!